Thursday, May 27, 2010

Trans Baviaans Training Progress

From now on, this will be called the TBTP, because I don't feel like typing out Trans Baviaans Training Progress every time I want to update y'all about how I believe it is going with the Progress of Training for the Trans Baviaans MTB race.
For those of you who don't know what this is, the Trans Baviaans is a 230km single stage MTB race, starting at Willowmore and ending at Jeffrey's Bay. Go check out if you wanna find out more...
Anyway, I see I've been rather remiss lately at chronicling my adventures during TBTP, but that's simply because, well, there haven't been any...
But last Saturday I had my longest ride since the 94.7 last year (yes I know it's a road race, so it's actually more like a 60km MTB). I managed a whole 90km with the group from Singletrack Cycles in only 4:46, including the obigatory group stops. Only 835m accumulated ascent, and not a terribly exciting route, but wholly enjoyable nonetheless. (I tell you, Kim, who frequently leads the ride, is a 64 yo guy and friggin strong. I hope to that good someday...)
I can actually feel that I'm getting stronger again, and that's a huge relief, because if you read my previous post about Forest 2 Falls, you'll realize that I was a bit worried about being ready for the TB.
I may have to put my bike on a diet though. I suspect freeride rims and all-mountain tyres may be slightly detrimental to ultra-ultra-endurance cycling. Just a little bit. I could probably shave 2kg off the bike with the correct choice of wheels and tyres. And then there's the drop seat post, which only weighs around 500g, but is still around 200-300g heavier than a lightweight standard post. But I'd have to be way desperate to do that.
Of course, by then the pilot should also be slightly (10%) less corpulent :-)
That's my hope, at least...

This Saturday of course is my favourite single day race, the Magalies Monster. I do the short one which is 45km long with 835m ascent, mostly because the route has everything that the makes the long one excellent, and none of what makes the long one a Monster.
Of course the fact that today is my birthday, and Saturday is the party after the race, also helps to make decisions :-)
The route is an awesome mix of technical singletrack, jeep track and some dirt and short tar road. Included are several river crossings, with one portage, and a jaunt through mountain sanctuary park's hiking trails. The short route also suits my singlespeed riding style (flat out) well, and is more advantageous to longer travel robust bikes.

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