Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Great Adventure

So last night we're about to get into bed, when my wife says, "I've been having these really strong and quite painful contraction all day. I wonder if I shouldn't maybe call the hospital and check if I shouldn't maybe come in..."
Of course, given that this is our 4th kid, I reckon that she would know if something is happening.
So off we trundle to the hospital after the nurse told to be rather safe than sorry.
The contractions were coming at a rate of about one every ten minutes, and the doc did an examination and proclaimed that he was going to treat this as premature labour (my wife is almost 35 weeks) so if we could score two weeks everything would be much better.
Cortisone, Steroids, Adalat (an anti hypertensive which also seems to stop labour) and a sleeping tablet later, I left my wife to sleep in hospital.
I'll keep you all updated as and when stuff happens.

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